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Morehouse students are far from a representative sample of all student borrowers.
Elizabeth Warren's plan and other variants of free college could result in disproportionate benefits to high-income families.
To understand student debt forgiveness proposals, it helps to understand who holds that debt.
All proposals miss a critical factor: the amount repaid should depend on the amount borrowed.
Women make up a growing share of the college-educated population but are still paid less than men for similar work.
Gainful employment regulations protect students from exploitation by institutions that do not provide meaningful educational opportunities.
Average annual borrowing is about three times as high for graduate students as for undergraduates.
The federal government provides loans to students to attend colleges from which most students fail to graduate or have low earnings, even with a degree.
It's easy to exaggerate how much changes in appropriations explain and are reflected in tuition increases.
Median earnings for adults with professional degrees are almost twice as high as those for bachelor’s degree holders.

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