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Establishing the Equitable Data Working Group is an important step to improving federal data infrastructure. What comes next?
Critics of smart city technology argue that rapidly integrating technology in all aspects of government can exacerbate cities’ existing inequalities.
Where are rents increasing fastest? And what effects do policies have on local rental markets?
Governments have reason to be worried as they turn to data and algorithms to make public policy decisions.
On Monday, President Trump signed an executive order aiming to ensure America's leadership in artificial intelligence.
How much do we know about zoning, its variations across the US, and the effectiveness of various reform options?
Companies are exploring how to share their wealth of data for research and crafting public policy.
Do Chicago residents’ use of social media reflect or overcome segregated patterns in their city?
Million-dollar home sales have risen to 65 percent of San Francisco's housing market, up from 26 percent in 2011.

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