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As the national dialogue shifted from relief toward pandemic recovery this year, Urban researchers analyzed what it would take to bolster resilience, center equity, and ensure we’re better prepared for future crises.
State home visiting administrators and local program leaders can leverage available federal funds and local partnerships to ensure more families have access to the diapers they need.
Apprenticeships can provide structure and mentorship to people entering a new industry, especially for people living with disabilities, and intermediaries can help facilitate and support employers who might not know how to design an apprenticeship.
Across the country, transit ridership dropped during the pandemic, but in neighborhoods of color and low-income neighborhoods, these decreases were smaller, as essential workers continued to rely on transit options.
By 2060, the AAPI population is expected to surpass 38 million. Before then, policymakers and researchers need to better understand the disparities among this diverse community if they want to eliminate barriers to accessing homeownership.
Pandemic-related interruption of state testing offers states a chance to reconsider their definition of economically disadvantaged students to ensure a more consistent and accurate measure.
You think adult learners are 50? They might be 18. And they all have different skills and learning needs.
Why do certain areas of the country have higher-than-expected Disability insurance awards for certain types of disabling conditions?
Leadership in the nonprofit sector has long failed to reflect the rich diversity in the US, which can diminish the sector’s effectiveness and relevance to the communities it serves.
As America focuses on building back from the COVID-19 pandemic, a renewed commitment to engaging citizens can help ensure the recovery doesn’t leave anyone behind.

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