President Donald Trump’s administration sought and won major tax reform legislation. It sought and lost efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act but accomplished major regulatory reforms to its policies. And his administration implemented a host of changes to safety-net policy, including enacting the “public charge rule” and permitting states to mandate work requirements for access to public benefits (both policies were challenged in court and ultimately reversed by the next administration). For each of these policy changes, Urban was the trusted source for media, advocates, litigants, and policymakers seeking to understand the potential consequences. Using proprietary sophisticated microsimulation modeling and quick-response surveys, Urban provided rapid analyses of shifting proposals and granular, state-by-state analyses of potential policy impacts. By reliably predicting who would gain and who would lose under different policies, Urban revealed the consequences of how changes to the social safety net would (and sometimes did) affect the health and well-being of millions of families.   

Assessing Trump-Era Policies
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The Trump Era