Brief Who are the Adult Uninsured?
John Holahan, Niall J. Brennan
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This brief provides a snapshot of adults lacking health insurance coverage examining factors such as income level, family structure, race/ethnicity, employment, health status, and access to and utilization of health care. Findings show that younger, low-income adults, particularly blacks and Hispanics, have the highest uninsurance rates, but half of all low-income uninsured adults are white. The majority of uninsured low-income adults live in households with at least one full-time worker. Low-income uninsured adults are significantly worse off than the insured on measures of health access and health status. Uninsurance rates vary greatly among states. In general, states with low rates of employer-sponsored coverage have high uninsurance rates, although states with generous public programs can offset this effect somewhat.
Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Health insurance