Technical Paper Weighting Procedures for the 2002 NSAF
The Westat Group, Jeffrey S. Passel
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This report describes the weighting procedures used in the 2002 NSAF, and aims to explain the weighting in heuristic steps that will make technical matter accessible. As one of the goals of NSAF is to produce estimates of change, Round 3 estimation is compared to estimation procedures in Rounds 1 and 2. Chapter 1 of this report is written for the general reader and describes the weighting and estimation process in broad stokes, including a general overview of the survey, the goals of weighting and some specifics about how it is carried out, a discussion of how the weights are best used and details on estimates of change. Subsequent chapters address base weights and nonresponse adjustments, national adjustments to control totals, and study area adjustments to control totals.