Brief Vouchers for Housing and Child Care
Common Challenges and Emerging Strategies
Margery Austin Turner, Gina Adams, Monica H. Rohacek, Lauren Eyster
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Vouchers play an important role in federal efforts to help low-income families obtain both housing and child care. These programs constitute essential components of the promise of welfare reform to encourage and support work among low-income families. And both types of vouchers have the potential to enhance long-term outcomes for children. Although federal housing and child care voucher programs differ in important respects, they also face common challenges, and innovations in one area can potentially inform efforts in the other. This brief highlights promising strategies for tackling challenges to the success of child care and housing vouchers.
Research Areas Social safety net Children and youth Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Housing vouchers and mobility Child care Public and assisted housing