Research Report The Value of the Performing Arts in Five Communities
A Comparison of Household Survey Data in Alaska, Cincinnati, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Seattle
Mary K. Winkler, Mark A. Hager
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This report provides detailed tables on the relationship between various individual characteristics and attitudes toward the performing arts among residents of Alaska, Cincinnati, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. The report is an aggregate of individual reports prepared on each of the five communities. Based on random household telephone surveys in the spring of 2002, each of these reports is organized around four topics: attendance at performing arts events, perceived value of the performing arts to individuals, perceived value of the performing arts to the community, and barriers to greater participation. Findings from these reports are expected to be useful to a variety of stakeholders, including policymakers evaluating the role of government in supporting the arts; funders needing hard data on which to base and increase their financial support of the arts; media seeking a wider consumer base; and managers of arts organizations tackling the twin challenges of increasing and diversifying their audiences.
Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Tags Arts and culture
Policy Centers Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy