Research Report Transitional Jobs for Ex-Prisoners
Implementation, Two-Year Impacts, and Costs of the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) Prisoner Reentry Program
Nancy M. Pindus, Janine M. Zweig, Additional Authors
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Ex-prisoners face daunting obstacles to employmenta crucial factor in avoiding recidivism. Indeed, two-thirds of ex-prisoners will be rearrested. Transitional jobstemporary, paid jobs where ex-prisoners can find training and supportare a promising model. This extensive evaluation presents interim results for the Center for Employment Opportunities. Discussed are two-year outcomes for recidivism, earnings, education, housing, drug treatment, health, and child support. The first quarter, 66 percent of participants worked compared with 26 percent of the control group. By the fourth quarter, however, after most participants had left CEO, the difference was no longer statistically significant.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Education Workforce
Tags Workforce development Corrections
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center