Research Report Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) Initiative: Phase 2 Summary Implementation Findings
Janeen Buck Willison, Jesse Jannetta, Emma Kurs, Shebani Rao, Kevin Warwick, Gary Christensen, Colleen Owens
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This series of reports details the experiences of six counties that engaged in a multi-year systems-change effort to help people leaving jail reintegrate into society. The project, known as the Transition from Jail to the Community (TJC) Initiative, prompted the implementation of critical jail transition services and evidence-based practices, with participating jurisdictions demonstrating commitment to core values like leadership, joint ownership, and data-driven- decision making. Local context influenced how each site designed and built toward its county-specific jail transition model. In this suite of reports we highlight implementation themes and lessons across this collection of TJC sites and provide in-depth accounts of each community’s unique implementation experiences and accomplishments.


Site-Specific Reports

Ada County, Idaho
Franklin County, Massachusetts
Fresno County, California
Hennepin County, Minnesota
Howard County, Maryland
Jacksonville, Florida

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Corrections
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center