Research Report Toward a Geographic Strategy for Rapid Re-housing
Samantha Batko, Amanda Gold, Daniel Teles, Sarah Gillespie
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In 2015, Hamilton Families launched the Heading Home Initiative (HHI), a $30 million homelessness rapid re-housing initiative in partnership with the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Unified School District, as part of an effort to end long-term family homelessness. While preliminary evidence on rapid re-housing is positive, few studies have specifically examined the efficacy of rapid re-housing in high-cost and low-vacancy markets or considered variations on the model that may be beneficial in those markets. And, as yet, no studies have indicated the types of neighborhood or market characteristics that would improve the chances of a family’s successful placement in a specific neighborhood by a rapid re-housing program. As part of an ongoing, formative evaluation designed to continuously improve the HHI initiative, this report summarizes findings from a market analysis intended to support the development of a regional housing strategy for HHI and its partners. This report used publicly available datasets to provide information on a number of neighborhood indicators that may influence family well-being in the San Francisco Bay area.
Research Areas Housing
Tags Homelessness
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center