Brief Strengthening Student Aid in Texas: Funding Students at Different Types of Institutions
Sandy Baum, Kristin Blagg
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Texas state grant aid programs provide significant support to many low- and moderate-income state residents pursuing postsecondary education. But, because of limited funding, not all eligible students receive state grants, and students often cannot predict whether they will receive aid, especially if they apply to different types of institutions. Each of the three major state grant programs—the Toward EXcellence, Access, and Success (TEXAS) grant, the Texas Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG), and the Texas Equalization Grant—serve only a fraction of eligible students, with TEOG for community college students funding the smallest share. Review our entire Strengthening State Student Grant Aid Project Page.

Research Areas Education Social safety net
Tags Families with low incomes Higher education Financial knowledge and capability
Policy Centers Center on Education Data and Policy