Brief Strategies for Advancing Impact Investing through Public Policy
A Guide for Advocates and Field Leaders
Laura Tomasko, Brett Theodos, Matthew Eldridge, Jein Park
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Periods of crisis remind us that our economic system often prioritizes short-term financial returns that concentrate wealth over sustainable and inclusive growth that addresses long-standing inequities. The COVID-19 pandemic and the movement for racial justice have shined a spotlight on stark inequities that are simultaneously acute and chronic. Impact investing, which can catalyze social and environmental impact for long-term structural change, is one way to address these inequities. By strengthening and strategically using policy advocacy and engagement skills, impact investing leaders can work with the federal government to advance the common good. This brief helps leaders in the impact investing field better understand and engage in the policymaking process and champion impact investing to federal legislative and executive policymakers. We make the overall case for policy engagement and recommend strategies and approaches that champions can use to advocate more effectively for a supportive public policy environment that prioritizes social and environmental outcomes.

Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Nonprofits and philanthropy
Tags Public and private investment Community and economic development Pay for success Impact investing
Policy Centers Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy Research to Action Lab