Research Report South Carolina Family Independence Program Process Evaluation Topical Report: Relocation Services
Robin Koralek
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Implemented in 1996, the Family Independence (FI) Program transformed South Carolinas welfare program into a transitional assistance program that places a strong emphasis on participants engaging in socially responsible behavior and becoming self sufficient through employment and employment-related activities. With the implementation of FI, South Carolinas Department of Social Services significantly changed its operations to administer a system that "assists families in poverty to maximize their potential to become socially and economically independent." This paper presents the findings of the study of the provision of relocation services to FI customers. In particular, we focused on how Self-Sufficiency Case Managers identify customers who could benefit from relocation assistance, what Self-Sufficiency Case Managers do to encourage relocation, and what services or assistance customers receive. We also examined the characteristics and outcomes of relocated customers, including their education, annual earnings, number of quarters worked, and average earnings per quarter.
Research Areas Social safety net
Tags Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)