Presentation Social Networks, Co-offending, and Gang Membership Among Latino Youth
Caterina Gouvis Roman, Meagan Cahill, Samantha S. Lowry, Pamela Lachman, Chris McCarty, Carlena Orosco
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This presentation summarizes findings from the Norms and Networks of Latino Youth project, funded by OJJDP. Youth in a small neighborhood were surveyed about their own pro-social and delinquent behaviors and their social networks. Survey respondents named 20 close contacts and answered questions about those individuals. Using social network analysis methods, we examined both personal networks and individual delinquency and the whole network (comprising all youths overlapping contacts), to analyze group behaviors related to co-offending and peer influence. The findings are relevant to developing appropriate interventions for delinquency and shed light on the efficacy of neighborhood-based interventions.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Children and youth
Tags Juvenile justice Delinquency and crime Neighborhoods and youth development Latinx communities Youth development
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center