Brief Snapshots of America's Families
Variations in Health Care across States
Niall J. Brennan, John Holahan, Genevieve M. Kenney, Shruti Rajan, Stephen Zuckerman
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This paper presents preliminary findings from the 1997 National Survey of America's Families (NSAF), a household survey providing information on over 100,000 children and nonelderly adults representing the noninstitutionalized civilian population under age 65. Focusing on health insurance coverage and several measures of access to care the authors find that children are faring better than adults in health insurance coverage, primarily due to recent Medicaid expansions, the CHIP program, and other state-subsidized insurance efforts. The authors also find large variations in rates of uninsurance across states with such variations generally reflecting differences in private-sector coverage. Finally, the authors show that insurance coverage differences across states and between adults and children are correlated with differences in access to care and health status.
Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Health insurance