Research Report Skill Shortages and Mismatches in Nursing Related Health Care Employment
Nancy M. Pindus, Jane Tilly, Stephanie Weinstein
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Recent projections indicate that it will be nearly ten years before demographic changes in the population and the aging of the existing workforce converge to create a severe shortage of nurses. Therefore, the country has the time and an opportunity to address the problem and avert a crisis situation. This paper reviews current research as well as a selection of promising practices and concludes that the country needs to adopt a multi-pronged approach that addresses recruitment, retention, and training. Policies should seek to retain those already trained in the profession, attract new entrants to the labor market, and tap into the pool of workers already employed in health care that, with further training, can enter the nursing profession.
Research Areas Education Health and health care Wealth and financial well-being Aging and retirement Workforce
Tags Workforce development Workplace and industry studies Health care delivery and payment Employment and income data Hospitals and physicians Long-term services and support