Safety and Placemaking in Brooklyn

Research Report

Safety and Placemaking in Brooklyn

Examining the Relationship between Sense of Safety and Creative Placemaking
July 13, 2021


This brief describes a community safety mapping exercise with young people in Brownsville, Brooklyn. This work was conducted with the Brownsville Community Justice Center, an organization that works with young people and uses creative placemaking to build a more inclusive neighborhood. The goal of the mapping exercise was to identify patterns in how safe or unsafe young people felt in different locations within the neighborhood, to gain a more granular sense of safety concerns in Brownsville, and to identify potential sites for placemaking efforts that could bring people from across the neighborhood together. The brief provides a general assessment of patterns we found in Brownsville and discusses how this type of exercise can more effectively acknowledge and respect the lived experiences of young people.  

Cross-Center Initiative

Cross-Center Initiative: 
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