Research Report Russian Social Assistance Nonprofits as Potential Contractors to Local Governments
Raymond J. Struyk, Patrick A. Corvington
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This paper reports the results of an assessment of the current practices of 13 Russian NGOs in delivering various types of social services. We find that the range of capability of Russian nonprofit organizations engaged in providing such services is indeed wide. We confirmed the relatively high level of professionalism in those NGOs that had received substantial technical and financial assistance from international organizations with similar missions. Additionally, among the nine "grass roots" NGOs in the sample, one-quarter appears to have the capacity to deliver services under contracts to local governments. A clear need for training in the process of service delivery was identified. An expansion in donor-supported training for the many NGOs engaged in these activities is recommended beyond the areas of start-up, governance, networking, and fund raising for which training is now abundant to ways to increase the efficiency and professionalism of service delivery. (The Nonprofit Review, Vol. 2., No. 2, 63-73 (2002))
Research Areas International development
Tags International social sector reform