Journal Article Research in Brief: Three-City Evaluation of Gunshot Detection Technology
Paige Thompson, Daniel Lawrence, Nancy G. La Vigne
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This article from Police Chief magazine summarizes a recent Urban Institute study that examined gunshot detection technology (GDT) in three cities: Denver, Colorado; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Richmond, California. With funding from the National Institute of Justice, the study examined the degree to which the technology supports officer response, investigation, and prevention of gun violence and related crimes using a mixed-methods research design. Each of the cities varied in size, demographic composition, coverage area of GDT, and how long GDT had been implemented in their jurisdictions. This research in brief presents the findings that examined how GDT better notifies departments of shootings and improves officer response times.

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Policing and community safety Gun violence
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center