Research Report Recent Changes in Wisconsin Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems
Jennifer Ehrle Macomber, Kristin S. Seefeldt, Kathleen Snyder, Patricia McMahon
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More than other states, Wisconsin eliminated the entitlement to cash assistance by linking receipt of welfare to work. The state's W-2 program focuses heavily on job readiness and is designed to mirror the work world. A four-tier system places recipients in different activities depending on their level of job readiness. Wisconsin also recognized child care as an important work support by creating a single child care system for all low-income working families. Wisconsin is one of the only states in our study to offer kin caring for relative children a payment through the child welfare system in place of the child-only grant usually offered by the welfare office.
Research Areas Social safety net Children and youth
Tags Welfare and safety net programs State programs, budgets Child care Child welfare