Journal Article Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Management of Childhood Asthma in the United States.
Marla McDaniel, Jane Waldfogel
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We used data from the National Health Interview Survey to examine racial and ethnic differences in the management of childhood asthma - including the likelihood that children with asthma have taken preventive medicine, received an asthma management plan, or taken a class or course on treating asthma. We found significant differences between African-American, white, non-Hispanic, Mexican American, and Puerto Rican and other Hispanic children. We discuss implications for public health responses and racial and ethnic disparities in asthma morbidity.
Research Areas Race and equity Children and youth
Tags Racial and ethnic disparities Children's health and development Race, gender, class, and ethnicity Inequality and mobility Racial inequities in health
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population