Brief QuickTake: Nonelderly Workers with ESI Are Satisfied with Nonfinancial Aspects of Their Coverage but Less Satisfied with Financial Aspects
Adele Shartzer, Sharon K. Long
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The Urban Institute's Health Reform Monitoring Survey has been tracking health insurance coverage, including employer-sponsored insurance coverage (ESI), since the first quarter of 2013. This QuickTake reports on nonelderly (ages 1864) workers' ESI in June 2014. In June 2014, most workers were insured and, among those who were insured, most had ESI. When asked to assess their ESI, workers were generally satisfied with available health care services, choice of doctors and other providers, and the quality of the care available under their ESI plan. However, satisfaction levels are much lower for the financial aspects of coverage, with workers more concerned about premiums, co-payments, and their potential financial risk from high medical bills.

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