Research Report Quality Schools and Healthy Neighborhoods: A Research Report
Margery Austin Turner, Jennifer Comey, Elizabeth Guernsey, Barika X. Williams
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Over the last decade, the District of Columbia implemented bold steps to improve its public schools while also experiencing population growth, property value increases, and strong city fiscal health. But its child population (0-17 years old) remained essentially the same and a dwindling share of the citys children was attending the public schools. This research report describes in-depth the relationships between education, housing, and neighborhood development in the District of Columbia, and it is the basis for the subsequent policy research report, Quality Schools, Healthy Neighborhoods, and the Future of DC, which outlines recommended policies to make the District a more family-friendly city.
Research Areas Education Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Housing
Tags Housing markets K-12 education
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center