Brief Public Housing Transformation and the "Hard to House"
Mary K. Cunningham, Susan J. Popkin, Martha R. Burt
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Public housing transformation has largely failed to address the more complex needs of "hard-to-house" residents who have relied on public housing as a source of stable, if less than ideal, housing. The hard-to-house such as high-need households, grandparents caring for grandchildren, families with disabled members, very large households, and multiple-barrier families. For these vulnerable families, the same public housing transformation that may offer better housing and new opportunities for other tenants can be just one more blow. This brief lays out a strategy for serving hard-to-house residents who remain in distressed public housing or who are experiencing hardship as a result of HOPE VI-related relocation.
Research Areas Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Housing vouchers and mobility Homelessness Public and assisted housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center