Research Report Prosecutor Priorities, Challenges, and Solutions
Daniel Lawrence, Camille Gourdet, Duren Banks, Michael G. Planty, Dulani Woods, Brian A. Jackson
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State and local prosecutors face an ever-increasing array of challenges and responsibilities, including recruiting and retaining talented and diverse prosecutors and handling, storing, and using growing bodies of evidence generated through modern technology. In March 2018, the Priority Criminal Justice Needs Initiative convened an expert panel to identify priority needs and solutions for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the prosecutorial component of the criminal justice system. During the workshop, participants explored needs relating to staffing and resources, digital information, organizational data, litigation strategies, accountability, and partnerships and collaboration. High-priority needs identified for action included developing better training resources and tools for the assessment of staffing needs, researching promising practices for responding to witness intimidation and tampering, and examining the effectiveness of plea and diversion options currently in use.

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Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Courts and sentencing
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center