Brief Progress Enrolling Children in Medicaid/CHIP: Who is Left and What are the Prospects for Covering More Children? (Updated 12/14/09)
Genevieve M. Kenney, Allison Cook, Lisa Dubay
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This brief examines the characteristics of the children who were eligible for Medicaid/CHIP in 2007. The results show that while participation rates were high in both Medicaid and CHIP, some 5 million remained uninsured despite being eligible for coverage. Participation rates, which were found to vary across areas, have likely increased given recent declines in the number of uninsured children. The brief also shows that while interest in public coverage is high among low-income parents, many do not know not know that their child is eligible for Medicaid/CHIP, do not know how to apply, and/or find the application process difficult.
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