Research Report A Profile of the Foreign-Born in the Louisville Metropolitan Area
Randolph Capps, Karina Fortuny, Wendy Zimmermann, Will Bullock, Everett Henderson
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In 2004 there were about 50,000 immigrants in the Louisville metropolitan area, representing 4.5 percent of the areas population. Louisville, like other Southeastern cities, has a relatively small but rapidly growing foreign-born population. But Louisvilles immigrants are more diverse than elsewhere in the Southeast: higher shares are from African and Asian, and a lower share from Latin America. Louisville also has a lower share of undocumented immigrants and a higher share of refugees, due to a large and successful resettlement program. Louisvilles immigrantswhich make up an increasing component of the labor force in sectors such as manufacturing, retail and health careare also relatively well educated compared to the nationwide foreign-born population. This report, sponsored by the Louisville Metro Office for International Affairs, describes characteristics and trends in the citys international population, and makes recommendations for the future successful integration.
Research Areas Immigrants and immigration
Tags Immigrant communities demographics and trends Federal, state, and local immigration and integration policy
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population