Prisoner Reentry in Massachusetts

Research Report

Prisoner Reentry in Massachusetts


This report describes the process of prisoner reentry in Massachusetts by examining the trends in prison admissions and releases in the state, the characteristics of the state's released prisoners, the geographic distribution of prisoners returning to communities in Massachusetts, and the social and economic climates of the communities that are home to the highest numbers of returning prisoners. In addition to state prisoners, the report examines characteristics and release trends among Suffolk County inmates and juveniles in the custody of the Department of Youth Services. Conducted in conjunction with the National Governors Association's Prisoner Reentry State Policy Academy, the report consolidates existing data on incarceration and release trends and presents a new analysis of data on Massachusetts prisoners released in 2002. The data used in this report were derived from several sources, including the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office, the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the U.S. Census Bureau.
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