Fact Sheet Prisoner Reentry and Community Policing
Strategies for Enhancing Public Safety (Meeting Summary of the Reentry Roundtable)
Karen Beckman, Kelly Dedel Johnson, Amy L. Solomon, Jeremy Travis
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The eighth meeting of the Reentry Roundtable, held in May 2004, addressed the nexus between reentry and community policing in the context of public safety. This meeting summary is a synopsis of the two-day discussion among academics, practitioners, service providers, and community leaders convened by the Urban Institute. This document reconstructs the discussion in the chronological order in which it unfolded, including highlights of presentations by the authors of commissioned papers and the discussions that flowed from them. In order to promote the free flow of ideas, it was decided that individuals' names would not be attributed to comments given during the Roundtable discussion.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Victims of crime Corrections Courts and sentencing Community public safety investment Reentry and community supervision
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center