Research Report The Precarious Billion Dollar Sector
Nonprofit Human Services in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area
Carol J. De Vita, Eric C. Twombly
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The thousands of nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area are a vital part of the region, but they are facing serious economic challenges. This report examines the financial structure and fiscal health of nonprofit human service providers in the Pittsburgh metro area. It looks at (1) how many human service organizations operate in the region; (2) how concentrated or diversified their sources of revenue are; (3) the percentage of their budgets spent on management and administrative expenses; (4) the average operating margin; (5) the percentage of human services groups that end the year with positive net income; and (6) the average end-of-year net assets. The findings show a financially strained but resilient set of organizations serving the region.
Research Areas Nonprofits and philanthropy
Policy Centers Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy