Brief Performance-Based Strategies: Defining Terms and Comparing Common Strategies
Madeline Brown, Matthew Eldridge, Brian Bieretz
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Governments and other funders of social services are increasingly interested in ways to measure, incentivize, and emphasize performance as part of planning and budgetary decisionmaking. Ongoing innovation in the field has led to the development of creative strategies and ideas with an abundance of terms used to describe them. Different stakeholders often use different terminology for the same or similar concepts and no standard framework exists for grouping, understanding, or comparing the various strategies. This short brief will help governments, foundations, and other conceptualize and understand the range of performance-based strategies. It builds off the definitions and work of field leaders as well as the Urban Institute’s experience managing performance and engaging with the pay for success model.
Research Areas Nonprofits and philanthropy
Policy Centers Research to Action Lab
Research Methods Performance measurement and management