Research Report Opportunities for Police Cost Savings Without Sacrificing Service Quality: Reducing Fuel Consumption
Philip S. Schaenman, Aaron Horvath
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Police vehicles burn a great deal of fuel while patrolling continuously. Various approaches have been proven to significantly reduce the amount of fuel used and its cost. Hybrid vehicles typically get two-three times higher mileage per gallon than conventional vehicles and have proven viable for policing, in many cities, including New York. Computers in vehicles that reduce trips back to stations, fuel-saving driving techniques (such as reducing idling), good vehicle maintenance (such as maintaining proper tire pressures), use of on-line reporting and other strategies such as community policing that require fewer vehicle trips also can reduce fuel consumption.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Taxes and budgets
Tags Courts and sentencing Federal urban policies State and local tax issues Financial stability
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center