Speech Nonprofessional Teacher Recruitment
Beatriz Chu Clewell, Urban Institute
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The United States will need to hire more than two million public school teachers during the course of the next eight years or so. And low pay and poor working conditions often mean that half of all teachers leave their profession within the first five years and that exacerbates the problem. So how do we get qualified applicants into high-need schools? And how can we keep them there? Some national programs are trying to find previously untapped sources for teachers. It may be that soldier who is about to retire from the military, or the civil engineer who is ready to give back to her community after decades in the private sector, or the bus driver who always wanted to be a teacher but never got the support to follow through with his dream. In this episode of CityScape principal research associate, Toni Clewell, joins Kojo Nnamdi to dicuss nontraditional teacher recruitment programs.
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