Brief New York City's Young Men's Initiative: Status Report and Future Directions
Nan Marie Astone, Julia Gelatt, Margaret Simms, Dina Emam, William Monson
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The New York City Young Men’s Initiative (YMI) was established in 2011 to address the large inequities between black and Latino young men and their peers in health, developmental, and economic outcomes. To inform plans for the YMI in 2016 and beyond, the New York City Center for Economic Opportunity asked the Urban Institute to develop a synopsis of YMI’s successes, perceived gaps in programming, and recommendations for the future. This brief, based on a review of research, literature, and YMI internal documents; attendance at a YMI community convening; and interviews with over 50 YMI stakeholders, summarizes those efforts.
Research Areas Children and youth Race and equity
Tags Racial and ethnic disparities Children's health and development Race, gender, class, and ethnicity Men and boys Racial inequities in health
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population