Brief Navigating the Marketplace: How Uninsured Adults Have Been Looking for Coverage
Stephen Zuckerman, Michael Karpman, Fredric Blavin, Adele Shartzer
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A growing body of evidence shows that the number of uninsured adults declined significantly since the Affordable Care Acts open enrollment period started in October 2013. Although the vast majority of people turned to websites for information on the federal or state Marketplaces, many consumers used, and will likely continue to use, other sources for health insurance plan information. In this brief, we focus on adults who were uninsured for some or all of the 12 months before June 2014. We consider the share who looked for information on health plans in the Marketplaces, comparing the approaches used by those who obtained coverage with those who remained uninsured as of June 2014. Our objective is to identify which approaches to obtaining Marketplace information are more likely to be associated with gaining insurance coverage.

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Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Health insurance
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