Measuring Creative Placemaking

Research Report

Measuring Creative Placemaking

Measuring Livability in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District, Baltimore
November 1, 2015


The aim of this project is to assist arts and cultural organizations more effectively use locally-sourced data to demonstrate the effects of creative placemaking efforts. To do this, we present a case study investigation of Baltimore’s Station North Arts and Entertainment (A&E) District, where a tax break and other incentives have been designed to encourage artistic activity. Using a pre-post research design, we examine the impact of the Station North district on livability in the immediate neighborhood. Data show increased arts-based employment in the area, a more active home purchase market, and an increase in rehabilitation permits. Violent and property crime, unemployment, and vacant and abandoned buildings remain significant issues. More broadly, we also offer lessons as to the value of using locally-sourced data to complement national data, such as the Census, when studying these issues.

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