Research Report The Landscape of Data Capacity in US Environmental Justice Organizations
Carlos Martín
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Renewed attention to environmental justice and the need for better evidence to inform policy call for investments in grassroots organizations. These organizations have been historically underresourced, resulting in capacity gaps across all levels of organizational type, geography, and environmental focus. Though accurate and inclusive data are central to achieving the missions of environmental justice organizations, resource limitations have led to gaps in their data capacities, or their abilities to rigorously collect, analyze, interpret, and disseminate data on local environmental conditions, environmental health, and environmental behaviors and practices in their communities. This study reviewed the landscape of scholarship, exploring individual organizations and coalitions, and tracking affiliated sources for data and research. It finds a clear need and appetite for improved data capacity among environmental justice groups. Philanthropy is in a unique position to help transform the movement by supporting the development of local environmental justice organizations’ data capacities, allowing them to advance their missions and coordinate with recent federal initiatives.

Research Areas Race and equity Climate, disasters, and environment
Tags Racial and ethnic disparities
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center