Research Report The Individual AMT: Ten Facts and Projections
Leonard E. Burman, William G. Gale, Benjamin H. Harris
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These facts and projections highlight the increasing role of the AMT, and the problems it poses. The facts are based on the discussion paper "The Individual AMT: Problems and Potential Solutions." The Tax Reform Act of 1969 created a minimum tax designed to ensure that individuals with high incomes did not take what was deemed undue advantage of tax laws to avoid federal income tax liability. The individual AMT is now on the verge of switching from a "class" tax to a "mass" tax. The trends are troubling because the AMT is notoriously complex, its effects on efficiency and equity are questionable, and its underlying purpose is controversial.
Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Taxes and budgets
Tags Individual taxes Federal budget and economy Income and wealth distribution
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center