Research Report The Implications of Unmet Need for Future Health Care Use: Findings for a Sample of Disabled Medicaid Beneficiaries in New York
Sharon K. Long, Jennifer King Rice, Teresa A. Coughlin
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This study uses survey data linked with claims data to examine the consequences of unmet need for future health care use for a sample of disabled Medicaid beneficiaries. The findings show that self-reported unmet need is a strong predictor of future health care use for disabled Medicaid beneficiaries, including a greater reliance on emergency rooms and hospital care for conditions that potentially could be handled in less expensive settings. Addressing the barriers to care that underlie unmet need could generate cost savings to Medicaid and provide better health outcomes for program beneficiaries. (Inquiry, 42, 4, Winter 2005/2006. pp. 413-420)
Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program  Disability and long-term care
Policy Centers Health Policy Center