Testimony H.R. 1614 HOPE VI Reauthorization and Small Community Mainstreet Revitalization Housing Act
Testimony before U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Financial Services
Susan J. Popkin
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Susan Popkin's testimony, presented to the Financial Services Committee, provides a brief history of the HOPE VI program, outlines the program's goals, and reports on recent findings from two Urban Institute studies: The HOPE VI Panel Study, which is tracking the living conditions and well being of residents from five developments who were surveyed as revitalization began in mid- to late 2001. The HOPE VI Resident Tracking Study provides a snapshot of the living conditions and well being of former residents of eight properties in early 2001-between two and seven years after the housing authority received a HOPE VI grant.
Research Areas Race and equity Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Housing vouchers and mobility Racial and ethnic disparities Housing markets Homelessness Racial segregation Racial barriers to housing Public and assisted housing