Brief How Economic Security Changes During Retirement
Barbara Butrica
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This study examines retirement security between ages 67 and 80. Findings show that typical adults will experience a decline in projected wealth and income. More than two-fifths of retirees will have significantly less income at age 80 than they did at 67 (median income decline of $16,000 for current retirees and $23,000 for boomers). However, approximately two-fifths will have significantly more income at age 80 than at 67 (median income increase of $14,000 for current retirees and $17,000 for boomers). Some of the change in economic well-being is related to changing living arrangements, and marital, health, and work status.
Research Areas Aging and retirement
Tags Economic well-being Pensions Retirement policy
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center