Fact Sheet How Can Your Agency Better Help Young People Access Safety Net Supports?
A checklist for benefit agencies
Heather Hahn, Amelia Coffey, Lauren Farrell, Gina Adams
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This checklist is designed as a reference for benefit agencies about how to support young people in accessing and navigating safety net programs. It was developed by listening directly to young people (ages 14 to 24) and people working at youth-serving organizations about young people’s lived experiences and their ideas for how to better serve young people seeking safety net supports. Young people and staff members identified key challenges with safety net policies and practices that do not reflect the needs or developmental life stage of young people. In this checklist, we list steps benefit agencies can take to support young people in accessing safety net programs; empower and support young people in decisionmaking; replace punitive approaches with support and trust; and take a comprehensive approach to benefits for young people.

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