Brief How Are HOPE VI Families Faring? Children
Susan J. Popkin, Michael Eiseman, Elizabeth Cove
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The HOPE VI program can profoundly affect the lives of children, who are the most vulnerable residents of distressed public housing and particularly likely to suffer from the stress of relocation. This brief examines the impact of the program on children and youth. We find that children in the HOPE VI Panel Study have generally benefited from relocation. Relocatees live in better housing in safer neighborhoods, and their children attend schools that are less poor and, the parents believe, higher quality and safer than those in their original developments. Respondents who relocated with vouchers have benefited more than those who moved to other public housing. These findings suggest that families with children should be encouraged to select vouchers and receive ongoing support to help them adjust after relocation.
Research Areas Families Children and youth Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Economic well-being Housing vouchers and mobility Housing markets Child welfare Public and assisted housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center