Research Report History of Place-Based Interventions
Margery Austin Turner
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Beginning with the settlement houses of the late 19th century, practitioners and policymakers have worked to tackle the challenges of poverty in place through an evolving set of strategies. Since then, federal, state, and local governments; philanthropy; charitable organizations; and research institutions have played important—often complementary—roles in designing, funding, and evaluating interventions. This memo traces that history.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Wealth and financial well-being Social safety net Race and equity Housing
Tags Poverty Racial and ethnic disparities Immigrant children, families, and communities Racial segregation Housing affordability Mobility Inequality and mobility Community and economic development Federal, state, and local immigration and integration policy Racial barriers to accessing the safety net Racial barriers to housing Racial disparities in criminal justice Racial inequities in neighborhoods and community development
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center