Research Report Helping Young Children Move out of Poverty by Creating a New Type of Rental Voucher
Barbara Sard, Mary K. Cunningham, Robert Greenstein
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The United States is facing a massive shortage of affordable rental housing with worrying effects on millions of children. Rental vouchers can help.

Housing vouchers can have a significant impact on child outcomes, including reducing poverty, homelessness, housing insecurity, and child welfare involvement. This paper makes the following proposals:

  1. Create an additional 500,000 housing vouchers for families with children under age 6.
  2. Prioritize low-income, high-need families with young children.
  3. Phase in the vouchers over five years.
  4. Provide services that have a proven track record of helping families move out of poverty and that support parents, including mobility counseling and home visiting.
Research Areas Children and youth Families Social safety net Housing
Tags Economic well-being Homelessness Child welfare Housing affordability Inequality and mobility Neighborhoods and youth development