Research Report Formative Report on the DC 21st Century Community Learning Center Summer Program
Jacqueline Raphael, Duncan Chaplin, Zakia Redd
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This report describes the implementation of the DC 21st Century Community Learning Center (DC 21st CCLC) Summer 2000 Program. The report is designed to provide feedback to the managers of the DC 21st CCLC program, and to inform Children and Youth Investment Partnership activities, of which the DC 21st CCLC program is a part. The report is based on observations of program activities and interviews with program coordinators, facilitators, and parents at the nine DC 21st CCLC summer 2000 school programs. The results suggest that in general the program has been implemented with sufficient resources and support, and that it has responded with flexibility to implementation challenges beyond the program's control. Parent reports were positive, staff appeared satisfied with program implementation, and activities appeared to give students many opportunities to develop a variety of skills. The next step in an evaluation is to explore the use of a comparison group to document results more fully.
Research Areas Education
Tags School-based partnerships and services