Research Report Food Stamp Participation and Market Access in the District of Columbia
Carlos A. Manjarrez, Jessica Cigna
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This brief provides the first comprehensive look at the age, ethnicity, household size, and location of over 45,000 households receiving Food Stamp benefits in the District. In addition to the demographic profile, we examine the average distance between clients and area supermarkets. The profile highlights the concentrated nature of the city's food stamp caseload, with eight neighborhood clusters accounting for 50% of all recipients. The limited geography of the Food Stamp caseload presents new opportunities for targeted programming. However the scarcity of supermarkets in certain areas accentuates the barriers some families face in finding quality, low-cost food close to home.
Research Areas Social safety net
Tags Poverty Hunger and food assistance Food deserts and food supply Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center