Brief Financial Help among Family and Friends in Vulnerable Neighborhoods
Part 1: Who Gives?
Lynette A. Rawlings, Kerstin Gentsch
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Financial assistance from family and friends is an important resource for lower-income families dealing with difficult economic circumstances. This fact examines what percent of respondents in low-income neighborhoods gave financial help, either to family and friends or to other people they live with, in the last 12 months. The percentage of respondents who gave financial help is high 39 percent, with substantial variation within immigrant and U.S.-born respondent groups by race and ethnicity in the proportion that gave and where the assistance was sent
Research Areas Social safety net Race and equity Immigrants and immigration
Tags Poverty Racial and ethnic disparities Immigrant children, families, and communities Immigrant communities demographics and trends Opportunity and ownership Federal, state, and local immigration and integration policy Immigrant communities and racial equity Racial barriers to accessing the safety net