Brief Field-Building Research Agendas: Critical Issues in Housing and Urban Policy, Executive Summary
Margery Austin Turner
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The What Works Collaborative is a foundation-supported partnership that conducts timely research and analysis to help inform an evidence-based housing and urban policy agenda. In its latest effort, the Collaborative engaged with experts to identify unanswered questions critical to policy development, and from this derive "field-building" research agendas. These agendas are intended to help guide investments that will inform and advance policy and practice over the next three to five years on five broad policy domains: housing as a platform for overcoming social and economic distress, housing markets, housing finance, successful neighborhoods, and the physical landscape of the next American economy. This summary is part of a series of field-building research agendas produced under the What Works Collaborative. More information can be found on the What Works Collaborative web page.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Children and youth Aging and retirement Families Housing
Tags Economic well-being Federal housing programs and policies Corrections Community and economic development Neighborhoods and youth development